China Life (Overseas) Stays by You Through the Tough Times - Special Arrangement on the Extension of the Grace Period for Premium Payment (Latest Update)

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For the convenience of customers (“the concerned customers”) during the coronavirus outbreak, China Life (Overseas) decided to further extend the grace period of premium payment from 31 days to 90 days (starting from the Premium Due Date) for policyholders of selected individual life policy1 with premium due in the period of 1 January 2020 and 30 September?2020 (“the applicable period”).

The selected individual life policies1 will remain in-force after the concerned customers settle the overdue premiums including the policy levies and submit the required documents2 within 90 days starting from the Premium Due Date. China Life (Overseas) will reinstate3 the policies or waive the incurred interests under Automatic Premium Loan4 accordingly while all the policy terms and provisions remain unchanged.


  • Applicable to all individual life insurance products excluding:
    • Investment-Linked Insurance Plans
    • All annuity or plans with monthly income distribution
    • Plans without attaching with provisions of “Automatic Premium Loan” and/or “Policy Reinstatement”
  • You may contact your insurance intermediaries or our Customer Service Hotline for any inquiries in relation to overdue premium and levy amounts and required documents.
  • Applicable to the lapsed policies.
  • Applicable to the policies having the first Automatic Premium Loan during the applicable period. If a policy has already executed Automatic Premium Loan before 1 January 2020, all the incurred interests during the applicable period shall not be waived.
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